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Monday, June 23, 2008

Back to Golf blogging.

I cannot believe that it has been more than a year since I have blogged on golf. I was recently reminded, why admonished, by Mohan (Nagamangala) for not keeping up with my golf blog. I suppose I should take his request seriously, it is not many who read my blog and offer a comment! Also, we belong to the same '111' club. South Indians will understand what this means, we belong to the same vaishnavite iyengar clan and our trade mark, given jokingly I hope, is 111.

Probably why, I am sure Mohan does much better, I am stuck around a score of 111 per round. It is not that I am a devout iyengar but the score seems to ensure it. I have broken the magical 100 a couple of times, mostly playing alone in Eagleton. I even had an Eagle once. The caddy showed me a plaque for someone who had made the first eagle on that hole. I do not know if I am the oldest at 68+ to make an eagle on that hole.

Anyway my score hovers around 111. Considering that I am a veteran of more than five years, it is disappointing to say the least. I am surprised that my friends still tolerate me and my game! It is nice of them to encourage me to play and still make me feel that I am one of them. In addition, I suppose it is the way the game is designed that allows me to play the game at my level along with better players and still come home reasonably happy. It is also a game which I can play with my eight year old grandson. We compete and it is all serious business while we play. We cannot say this about other games.

As I thought about writing my blog again, I wondered about some of the blogs I had enjoyed reading. Two of them are shown as a link in my blog. New2golf has made great progress as I see his statistics, which he meticulously manages to keep. The other with an interesting title 'Golfchick' has converted her blog to a website and the scope of the website is quite impressive. Clear proof of what dedication can do.

As I read these golf blogs again, I realise that I have not really written to a plan, a target audience! I know that serious golfers would not be pleased with my tone, it does seem light hearted at times. If it is meant to be a blog on the 'spiritual path to golf' or should I say 'spirituality through golf', it has been wayward. I know it is my 'rambling' nature that does it!

I am reminded about the recent unscripted drama in the US Open. While we are rightly in awe with Tiger Wood and his performance, I suppose we admire Rocco Mediate for what he is. I salute him for his noble role in this epic battle. I can never forget the way he offered a hug to the victor. I suppose he proved it to us that it is best that we try to be ourselves at all times.


  • Dear Nidhi,

    At least I am now on familiar ground to leave a message. At the outset as a good friend once told me, " Golf is humbling". Having re-started golf after some 8 years, I find it seriously funny, whether you par a hole (have not reached eagle status yet)or watch the ball go totally in the opposite direction, that you intended it to go. Never a fan of T.Woods,I was saddened that the jocular, smooth swinging Mediate lost. Even in defeat, he was graceful and took his disappointment with a wistful smile. Not so our TW. Watch him pout and throw his club,when he finds a bunker or overshoots the green. Isn't there no penalties for club abuse, or is Mr.TW simply too big........? It just isn't 'cricket'


    By Blogger harryshaw, at 1:06 AM  

  • Dear Nidhi,

    At least I am on familiar ground to furnish a reply. A good friend of mine taking up golf in his fifties remarked " Golf is humblin". It sure is seriously funny, as I try to restart my golf game after a gap of some 8 years. The serious part comes when you achieve a par (not in the eagle league yet). The funny part comes when you strike the ball totally in the opposite direction to were you intended it to travel.
    Never a fan a T Woods, I felt a big load of sympathy for the gracious Mediate. He was graceful with a wistful smile in defeat. As for TW just watch him, as he pouts and throws his club down ever so often when when he finds a bunker of overshoots the green. I guess there is no penalty for club abuse,or is TW simply too big.........? It just isn't cricket.


    By Blogger harryshaw, at 1:25 AM  

  • Hello Nidhi Uncle,
    I have now developed a simple manthra to enjoy my golf:
    Thinku thvam Sarvadaa crickettu when playing Golfaha
    maanase thavm sarvadaa vijayee bhavathi.
    Om shaanthi shaanthi shaanthi.

    Think you are playing cricket,when playing Golf, when you crossing hundred, tip your cap acknowledge the crowd for hitting a century. Then play more reckless on cross century and get out fast....
    That gives you peace of mind and a feeling of being victorious - always.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:09 AM  

  • Hi Mohan
    Sound advice! In fact, Mukund claims he overtook the number of centuries record of Gavaskar and the rest long back!

    By Blogger srinidhi, at 10:11 PM  

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  • I see you've let the blog wither again. Too bad. :-(

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:14 AM  

  • 111!! No good! Keep at it mate.

    By Anonymous Dave, at 2:10 PM  

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  • Hello Nidhi, sorry in advance and please don't take this wrong but this story made me laugh, actually it brought back memories of me back a few years ago... I think some of my friends wanted to find a kind way to ditch me in our group but thankfully I did get a lot better after some serious instruction. Hang in there!

    By Anonymous Rick, at 12:25 PM  

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